Exceptional Endovascular Physician’s Skills Deserve Better VCDs

When you excel at advanced endovascular techniques only to have patients’ outcomes and recovery affected by a VCD that leaves something behind, it’s time make a change. SiteSeal is a simple-to-use, atraumatic, single VCD that establishes hemostasis, all with a minimal complication rate. Designed for use on patients of all shapes and sizes, SiteSeal closes the artery without leaving a foreign body behind or vascular alteration of the femoral artery. The ideal VCD you wish existed, now does. Pending FDA market clearance.

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SiteSeal Demonstration

SiteSeal is a vascular closure device designed to simulate external compression, but removes the associated variables and risk of unnecessary complications.



Leave Nothing Behind.

When post-endovascular procedure hemostasis from manual compression takes up a third of a professional’s time and introduces significant variability, it’s time for a new standard of care. SiteSeal is a VCD that can ambulate patients in approximately one hour for diagnostic procedures, and approximately two hours for interventional procedures unless modified by physician, while they lie more comfortably with their heads at a 30-degree angle and allows free leg movement. A VCD that frees up your hands and valuable time? It’s here.

No Patient Limitations.

SiteSeal is designed for use on patients of all shapes and sizes, including morbidly obese patients and those with calcification.


A New Approach to Vascular Closure

  • Not limited by sheath size.
  • Allows immediate re-access.
  • Minimizes patient discomfort, allowing immediate head elevation to 30-degrees with no restriction to leg movement.
  • No patient limitation: size, anti-coagulation, calcification, etc.
  • Simple and rapid deployment.
  • Early ambulation.
  • Nothing left behind: the potential of minimal risk of vessel wall injury, infection, or embolization.