For Patients

Your endovascular physician has chosen the next generation of Vascular Closure Device

Whether your physician will be using SiteSeal® for a diagnostic or interventional procedure in your femoral artery (leg/groin), or SiteSeal® SV® for smaller caliber vessels (arm or leg below the knee) procedures, you’re getting a vascular closure device (VCD) that can close the procedure site with a minimal complication rate.


It’s non-invasive.
Your VCD does not need to be invasive to be effective. Many VCDs are applied percutaneously (through the skin) and achieve hemostasis using sealants, sutures or specialized sponges. Some non-invasive VCDs involve the use of a compression pad or inflatable bulb at the surface of the site to mimic the effects of manual compression. With SiteSeal® and SiteSeal® SV®, you’re getting an advanced method to close your procedure site while leaving nothing behind.


You’ll be more comfortable, faster.
Endovascular physicians may choose a VCD or manual compression (the use of a health care professional applying pressure with hands on the procedure site). Manual compression is not only time consuming and introduces variability for healthcare employees, but also requires the patient to remain perfectly still for four to six hours while your procedure site clots. SiteSeal® is a VCD that can have you up and moving in approximately one hour for diagnostic procedures, and approximately two hours for interventional procedures (unless modified by physician) compared to four to six hours with manual compression, while you lie more comfortably with your head elevated up to a 30-degree angle, with the added benefit of allowing free leg movement. SiteSeal® SV® is used for smaller-caliber (arm or leg below the knee) peripheral arteries and, like SiteSeal®, leaves nothing behind with no restriction to patient movement to provide greater patient comfort.


Nothing is left behind.
Potentially severe complication rates arise when VCDs leave a foreign particle of some type in the body once the case is complete. With SiteSeal®, nothing is left behind.


Follow-up care
Always follow your doctor’s orders regarding your individual post-procedure care, and talk to your doctor about any restrictions.